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Water Management Association of Ohio

                                The only organization dedicated to all of Ohio's water resources.

Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Water Luncheon Webinar - Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework (ACPF)
When: Wednesday, April 19, 2023, 12:00 PM until 1:00 PM

Name Type
Jackson Bennett Attendee
Mark Bennett Attendee
Deanna Bobak Attendee
Tim Boley Attendee
Kathryn Burnsworth Attendee
Graham Davis Attendee
Rachel DeNoewer Attendee
Keith Doll Attendee with PDH Credit
Jay Dorsey Attendee
Lindsey Douglas Attendee
Brad Drumm Attendee
Luke Dull Attendee
Stephanie Dyer Attendee
Grace Faulkner Attendee
Ann Gilmore Attendee
Sarah Hall Attendee
Claire Hardi Attendee
Christopher Hauser Attendee with PDH Credit
Summer Hawkins Attendee
Gail Hesse Attendee
Breann Hohman Attendee
Julia Hopkins Attendee
Lyn Ickes Attendee
Leila Jackson Attendee
Jay Jordan Attendee
Emily Keil-Loudner Attendee
Emily Kelly Attendee
Richard Kroeger Attendee
Krystal Lacy Attendee
David Lautenschleger Attendee
David Lautenschleger 2 Attendee
Adam Lehmann Attendee
Agnes Marchlewska Attendee
Rebekah Marquart Attendee
Nichole Mazzone Attendee
Steve McMurray Attendee
Fred Milan Attendee
Joseph Millen Attendee
Robert Miltner Attendee
Margaret Minzner Attendee
Cynthia Mullins Attendee
Chester Murphy Attendee
Dave O'Connor Attendee
Julie Olivo Attendee
Monica Parra Attendee
Katie Phillips Attendee
Mike Rekstis Attendee
Dave Reynolds Attendee
Adrienne Rice Attendee
Jeremiah Roth Attendee
David Russell Attendee
David Rutter Attendee
David Saja Attendee
Oluwadamilola Salau Attendee
Anthony Sasson Attendee
Kyle Seitz Attendee
ben silliman Attendee
benjamin silliman Attendee
Megan Smith Attendee
Charlotte Smithson Attendee
Charlotte Smithson Attendee
Terri Sponagle-Schro Spo Attendee
Sebastian Teas Attendee
Matt Thomas Attendee
Chris Vondran Attendee
Julie Watson-Ables Attendee
chris weiss Attendee
Chris Welter Attendee
Ashlee Widener Attendee
Rebecca Wilkerson Attendee
Rick Wilson Attendee